Moscow 5th June 2010

Thank you Michael for this review

There were  5000 persons!!!!

Set list was-

1. Cradle of love
2. Dancing witn Myself
3. Love's Strange
4 .Prodigal Blues
5. Bitter Pill,
6. Blue Highway,
7. LA woman, (Of course Billy sings: "Moscow woman sunday afternoon....")
8. Flesh for Fantasy
9.  Kings and Queens
10. Eyes Without a Face,
11. White Wedding
12. King Rocker  and Running With The Boss Sound- mix
13. Sweet Sixteen
14. Hot in the City
15. To Be a Lover
16. Don't Shoot the Messenger
17. Rebell Yell
18. Mony Mony

We really checked up that Billy was really happy because of 5000 people (really big)-  It was bigger then 5 years ago in Berlin (2005) and in St Pete (2006)- I have no doubt, that bigger then in US.  
The point is that he arrived from LA on 3rd of June to Moskwa, have a sightseeng , and finally was riding Harley in Moscow streets with jouranlists!!!! You can see plenty of shootings by youtube.
The Residence was 5 star "Baltchug Kempinski Hotel"- right opposite the Kremlin. What is amazing, I met a lot of russian tycoons jumping in fanzone (!) like teens!!!,  because Billy's music was not allowed in 80's and just video bootlegers delivered videos with western stars in bad tapes re-recorded several times as smuggling, but now we had a possibility to hear Billy in Ex Communist Capitol!!  Her eis the link of official interwiew by Ren TV- one of federal channels which was really important.

Billy was invited and supervized by famous biker's band: "Night Wolves Moscow", and their leader "Khirurg" aka "surgeon" .  They have invited him and his team to Sexton Club had a pre-party and Billy had sang "Scream" together with russin local group "Malmstrem" working in club (you also may see it on youtube), I do not know why- but Billy was together with Doro Pesh - really have no idea, why they met together in Moskwa??

The show was great- and beleieve me, Carol,  that Billy will outline Moscow trip in his further up-coming comments for special feedback and possible comeback.  Russians could do for Billy the unforgetable trips and memmories.

Regards and all the best!!



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